Specialty Fitness

SCIFIT offers innovative strength and cardio workouts and program options not found on other equipment. SCIFIT equipment is reliable & durable to stand up to the most demanding environments. Our top quality equipment and programs meet the needs of everyone from old to young and from beginner to elite athlete.


SCIFIT offers programs that help attract and retain members. The programs take the guesswork out of getting started and staying on track. They can be customized to fit individual goals and deliver results. SCIFIT’s programs can also track progress and are extremely time efficient.

  Specialty Fitness

Easy to use
For everyone
Member retention
Safe strength program
Interval training program
Fitness tests & training programs
Record workout results

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SCIFIT makes a wide variety of products with a focus on upper body only, lower body only, and total body movements. The following products are preferred products for YMCAs, JCCs and other specialty fitness health clubs.


PRO1 Sport Standing Upper Body Exerciser
PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser
PRO1000 Sport Upper Body Exerciser
ISO1000 Upright Bike
ISO1000R Recumbent Bike
AC5000 Treadmill
TC1000 Climber
PRO2® Sport Total Body Exerciser
REX™ Total Body Recumbent Elliptical

SXT7000 Total Body Elliptical