SCIFIT Accessories and Options


  SCIFIT Adjustable Cranks  

Adjustable Cranks, Pair                                   
SCIFIT order code: P4313
Three adjustments (5”, 6” and 7”) for variable range of motion. Accommodates variable user heights.
For ISO1000, ISO7000, ISO1000R and ISO7000R

  SCIFIT Sports Performance Pedals  

Sports Performance Pedal, Pair                      
SCIFIT order code P4578
High-quality design for high-intensity training. Compatible with Shimano SPD cycling shoes. Reversible for cleat connection. Easily removable.
For ISO1000, ISO7000, ISO1000R and ISO7000R

  SCIFIT Low Support Boots  

Low Support Boots, Pair                                 
SCIFIT order code P3245
Keeps the foot on the pedal with sturdy straps around the back, top, and front of the foot.
For bikes: ISO1000, ISO7000, ISO1000R and ISO7000R

  SCIFIT Polar Chest Strap Transmitter  

Polar Chest Strap Transmitter             
SCIFIT order code: 65190
Transmits heart rate directly to console. Wireless.
For all SCIFIT products

  SCIFIT Wall Pack Tansformer  

Wall Pack Transformer (AC Adapter)               
SCIFIT order code: P4861
Allows self-generating units to be plugged in, so the console remains lit and displays data longer.
Compatible with all SCIFIT products except treadmills. Standard on StepOne, PRO1, PRO2 and PRO1000